NBA Power Rankings 2019-20 (Updated)
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NBA Power Rankings 2019-20 are given here. The best thing about the current tournament is that it was going great until they had to stop it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though this is just our expectations from the tournament now as we don’t really know when things will get normal again. You can check the latest NBA Power Ranking 2019-20 down here. There are various factors and reasons which helps us in building the NBA Power rankings 2019-20. You all might already know that the tournament isn’t moving anywhere as the Coronavirus pandemic has stopped everything. Still, we are waiting for the league to start again though that seems impossible. You all might already know that the power rankings aren’t stable so they change over time dramatically. Betting on NBA is legal in the USA and if you are interested in betting on your picked team then you must do it online.

NBA Power Rankings 2019-20

  1. Milwaukee Bucks

This team deserves to be in the first position because of the quality record they have 53-11. We are expecting them to go up in the upcoming league though the schedule isn’t clear. We have a lot to see in the upcoming sports event in the NBA.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

They deserve to be in the second position with a record of 49-13. They are in a good position to make an impact in the upcoming event. Also, the last 10 matches were perfectly amazing for the team as they got 9-1 in the last ten games. the Best thing about the Los Angeles Lakers is that they know how to play defence.

  1. Toronto Raptors

This Canadian group of Toronto Raptors is famously known for their gameplay. They are a well-based team with 45-18 record and have played great matches in this ongoing paused NBA league. They need to go a little bit more positive from here but is expected that they will reach the place they want too because of their defence and attack strategy.

  1. LA Clippers

This team has done good work but still, they need to go far. They have a record of 40-19 and they are ranked in the position by their good playing strategy. It would be weird to not talk about the team as they have shown great last matches. Even though they are struggling a bit but we always had great expectations from the team.

  1. Boston Celtics

You can’t miss them in this list because of their record of 42-21 though they have been pushed backwards by LA Clippers from the 4th position. Also, they have been dealing with the closing out of the games as they aren’t getting what they want in end result. Still, we had always great expectations form this team so we are expecting them to come back in the upcoming season. We all know that the things are going weird because of the COVID-19 pandemic and games are paused for the uncertain time. So we can really say when the players will go the ground again but reports are suggesting that the players are looking forward to the delayed 2020-21 session.


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