Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Toronto Raptors Game Schedule 2019-20 (Updated)

Canadian professional basketball team Toronto Raptors is on 2nd position in this ongoing NBA Season 2019-2020. The team is playing from the Eastern Conference and has done well so far. The only team above is Bucks but Toronto Raptors can easily be on the top of the game resumes again. Even though, we don’t know when NBA Season 2019-2020 will resume as it is postponed for an uncertain time from now.

The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic and that has affected everything from sports to business. So, it is hard to say when this pandemic will over but we are looking forward to the continuity of the season soon after the lockdown phase. Here, we have shared the NBA Toronto Raptors Game Schedule 2019-20 so you don’t have to go anywhere else for the information regarding the upcoming matches and tournaments of the team.

Before you check out the schedule of the team you must know that the whole schedule can be changed and nothing is expected on the given date due to the Coronavirus. Fred VanVleet from the Toronto Raptors has already shared his thought about the tournament and he quoted that it is hard to expect NBA season resuming once again. Well, it is just a worst-case scenario but we are expecting that the game will resume again.

As you all can see that the games are postponed for now. We don’t have the exact date for these matches as it isn’t declared by the board. We are expecting that soon things will get better and we will able to see the NBA 2019-20 season again.

Josh Lewenberg tweeted on 13th August 2019, saying, “The (defending NBA champion) Toronto Raptors are scheduled to play 11 games on US national TV this coming season (6 ESPN, 5 TNT), down from 15 last year. It's the 4th-most they've been scheduled for in their 25-year franchise history.”

It is hard to say that any match will continue. Also, after analyzing the data we can say that the NBA might get a pause for the season. Earlier, the guidelines were strict but the game was on but the current situation is making it quite hard for the players as well as for the team. We think that the World will be on a pause for a whole with all the ongoing events.

Now, let’s say that the NBA season 2019-20 will not go live again then what? Well, the answer is simple we have to declare this season unfinished and move on. Still, if it cancels then this is going to be the worst news for the players who are playing the last season in Toronto Raptors jerseys. It is not new players always leave in free agency so we are expecting to see the same with this season.

Reports are coming that Terence Davis and Dewan Hernandez could be the ones who will leave the team at the end of June as their contract is expiring and Raptors can say goodbye to them. Matt Thomas could also be on the leaving boat although he will leave with a $725,000 guarantee. Still, it is hard to predict that any of them will leave the team as they have good talent and they have won the matches.

We think that somewhere in the season Raptors will want to invite Stanley Johnson in the team. He is worthy one and it all depends how badly Raptors want him because he has that talent and that is the current requirement of the team. Also, Chris Boucher is expected back in the team although we don’t have any information we are assuming that something like this will happen soon enough.

The game was on and we have seen some great action. Raptors are on the second position with 46 winnings and 18 matches loss. On the other hand, Bucks which is ranking on the table has 56 wins with 12 matches lost. Overall, we can see that Bucks have been doing well in the Eastern Conference of the NBA Season 2019-20.

Also, if we talk a look at the Western Conference of the NBA Season 2019-20 then we can see that Lakers are on the top position with 49 winnings and 14 loose matches. Clippers in the second position with 44 winnings and 20 loose matches. Now, the game was getting excited but before it could react to a climax it got postponed for the uncertain time.

In the end, we will update you about the ongoing NBA Season 2019-20 if it resumes. You can also get information about the NBA Toronto Raptors Game Schedule 2019-2020 with a real date soon if the competition begins. So far, we can’t promise anything about the game as we all are struggling with a virus. You can always check on here if anything will chance we will updates it here. Toronto Raptors’ upcoming matches will be rescheduled soon after a few months. As a fan, we know that people are disappointed but right now it is important to stay quarantined for the safety of the people and the world.


Toronto Raptors Schedule 2020 (Updated)

Sort: DateOpponentTip-off (ET)H/AR/S
1 August 2020, SaturdayLos Angeles Lakers8:30 PM. ETHomeP
3 August 2020, MondayMiami Heat1:30 PM. ETHomeP
5 August 2020, Wednesday Orlando Magic8 PM. ETHomeP
7 August 2020, Friday Boston Celtics9 PM. ETHomeP
9 August 2020, Sunday Memphis Grizzlies2 PM. ETHomeP
10 August 2020, Monday Milwaukee Bucks6:30 PM. ETHomeP
12 August 2020, Wednesday Philadelphia 76ers6:30 PM. ETHomeP
14 August 2020, Friday Denver NuggetsTBHHomeP
Sort: DateOpponentTip-off (ET)H/AR/S
15 April 2020, Wednesday Orlando Magic07:30 PMAwayP
14 April 2020, Tuesday Miami Heat07:30 PMAwayP
12 April 2020, Sunday New York Knicks06:00 PMHomeP
10 April 2020, Friday Atlanta Hawks07:30 PMHomeP
8 April 2020, Wednesday Charlotte Hornets07:00 PMAwayP
7 April 2020, Tuesday Washington Wizards07:00 PMAwayP
5 April 2020, Sunday Houston Rockets07:00 PMAwayP
3 April 2020, Friday Milwaukee Bucks07:30 PMHomeP
1 April 2020, Friday Milwaukee Bucks09:00 PMAwayP
30 March 2020, Monday Memphis Grizzlies07:30 PMHomeP
28 March 2020, Saturday Memphis Grizzlies08:00 PMAwayP
25 March 2020, Wednesday New York Knicks07:30 PMAwayP
24 March 2020, Tuesday Los Angeles Lakers07:30 PMHomeP
22 March 2020, Sunday Denver Nuggets06:00 PMHomeP
20 March 2020, Friday Boston Celtics07:30 PMAwayP
18 March 2020, Wednesday Philadelphia 76ers07:00 PMAwayP
16 March 2020, Monday Golden State Warriors08:00 PMHomeP
14 March 2020, Saturday Detroit Pistons07:30 PMHomeP
9 March 2020, Monday Utah Jazz09:00 PMAwayW
8 March 2020, Sunday Sacramento Kings09:00 PMAwayW
5 March 2020, Thursday Golden State Warriors10:30 PMAwayW
5 March 2020, Tuesday Phoenix Suns09:00 PMAway
1 March 2020, Sunday Denver Nuggets06:00 PMAwayL
28 February 2020, Friday Charlotte Hornets07:30 PMHomeL
25 February 2020, Tuesday Milwaukee Bucks07:30 PMHomeL
23 February 2020, Sunday Indiana Pacers06:00 PMHomeW
21 February 2020, Friday Phoenix Suns07:30 PMHomeW
12 February 2020, Wednesday Brooklyn Nets07:30 PMAwayL
10 February 2020, Monday Minnesota Timberwolves07:30 PMHomeW
8 February 2020, Saturday Brooklyn Nets07:30 PMHomeW
7 February 2020, Friday Indiana Pacers08:00 PMAwayW
5 February 2020, Wednesday Indiana Pacers07:30 PMHomeW
2 February 2020, Sunday Chicago Bulls03:00 PMHomeW
31 January 2020, Friday Detroit Pistons07:00 PMAwayW
30 January 2020, Thursday Cleveland Cavaliers07:00 PMAwayW
28 January 2020, Tuesday Atlanta Hawks07:30 PMHomeW
26 January 2020, Sunday San Antonio Spurs04:00 PMAwayW
24 January 2020, Friday New York Knicks07:30 PMAwayW
22 January 2020, Wednesday Philadelphia 76ers07:30 PMHomeW
20 January 2020, Monday Atlanta Hawks02:30 PMAwayW
18 January 2020, Saturday Minnesota Timberwolves08:00 PMAwayW
17 January 2020, Friday Washington Wizards07:00 PMHomeW
15 January 2020, Wednesday Oklahoma City Thunder08:00 PMAwayW
12 January 2020, Sunday San Antonio Spurs06:00 PMHomeL
8 January 2020, Wednesday Charlotte Hornets07:00 PMAwayW
7 January 2020, Tuesday Portland Trail Blazers07:00 PMHomeL
4 January 2020, Saturday Brooklyn Nets06:00 PMAwayW
2 January 2020, Thursday Miami Heat07:30 PMAwayL
31 December 2019, Tuesday Cleveland Cavaliers07:00 PMHomeW
29 December 2019, Sunday Oklahoma City Thunder06:00 PMHomeL
28 December 2019, Saturday Boston Celtics07:00 PMAwayW
25 December 2019, Wednesday Boston Celtics12:00 PMHomeL
23 December 2019, Monday Indiana Pacers07:00 PMAwayL
22 December 2019, Sunday Dallas Mavericks03:30 PMHomeW
20 December 2019, Friday Washington Wizards07:30 PMHomeW
18 December 2019, Wednesday Detroit Pistons07:00 PMAwayW
16 December 2019, Monday Cleveland Cavaliers07:30 PMHomeW
14 December 2019, Saturday Brooklyn Nets07:30 PMHomeW
11 December 2019, Wednesday Los Angeles Clippers07:00 PMHomeL
9 December 2019, Monday Chicago Bulls08:00 PMAwayW
8 December 2019, Sunday Philadelphia 76ers06:00 PMAwayL
5 December 2019, Thursday Houston Rockets07:30 PMHomeL
3 December 2019, Tuesday Miami Heat07:30 PMHomeL
1 December 2019, Sunday Utah Jazz06:00 PMHomeW
29 November 2019, Friday Orlando Magic07:00 PMAwayW
27 November 2019, Wednesday New York Knicks07:30 PMHomeW
25 November 2019, Monday Philadelphia 76ers07:30 PMHomeW
23 November 2019, Saturday Atlanta Hawks07:30 PMAwayW
20 November 2019, Wednesday Orlando Magic07:30 PMHomeW
18 November 2019, Monday Charlotte Hornets07:30 PMHomeW
16 November 2019, Saturday Dallas Mavericks08:30 PMAwayL
13 November 2019, Wednesday Portland Trail Blazers10:00 PMAwayW
11 November 2019, Monday Los Angeles Clippers10:30 PMAwayL
10 November 2019, Sunday Los Angeles Lakers09:30 PMAwayW
8 November 2019, Friday New Orleans Pelicans08:00 PMAwayW
6 November 2019, Wednesday Sacramento Kings07:30 PMHomeW
2 November 2019, Saturday Milwaukee Bucks08:00 PMAwayL
30 October 2019, Wednesday Detroit Pistons07:30 PMHomeW
28 October 2019, Monday Orlando Magic07:30 PMHomeW
26 October 2019, Saturday Chicago Bulls08:00 PMAwayW
25 October 2019, Friday Boston Celtics07:00 PMAwayL
22 October 2019, Tuesday New Orleans Pelicans08:00 PMHomeW


Toronto Raptors depth chart for the 2019-2020 NBA season

Cameron PayneMatt ThomasMalcolm Miller
Oshae Brissett
Marc Gasol
Jordan LoydPatrick McCaw
Stanley Johnson
Sagaba Konate
Serge Ibaka
Kyle LowryTerence Davis
Norman Powell
Chris Boucher
Fred VanVleet
OG Anunoby
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
Pascal Siakam


46-18 Overall | Eastern - 2nd

 Chris Boucher (25)PF272.06M$1,588,231
 Oshae Brissett (12)SF212.01M--
 OG Anunoby (3)SF222.01M$2,281,800
 Dewan Hernandez (20)C232.08M$898,310
 Serge Ibaka (9)C302.13M$23,271,604
 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (4)SF251.98M$2,500,000
 Marc Gasol (33)C352.11M$25,595,700
 Terence Davis (0)SG241.93M$898,310
 Stanley Johnson (5)SF231.98M$3,623,000
 Kyle Lowry (7)PG341.83M$34,996,296
 Malcolm Miller (13)SG272.01M$1,588,231
 Norman Powell (24)SG261.91M$10,116,576
 Patrick McCaw (22)SF242.01M$4,000,000
 Pascal Siakam (43)PF262.06M$2,351,839
 Matt Thomas (21)SG251.93M$898,310
 Paul Watson (1)SF251.98M--
 Fred VanVleet (23)SG261.85M$9,346,153
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